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We create unique and interactive apps that help kids develop their cognitive abilities and reach their full potential. Our apps cover a range of subjects, including math, science, history, and language learning, and are designed to be engaging and fun for children of all ages.

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Commercial Project

BrainHunters Academy

Academy designed exclusively for preschoolers, aimed at nurturing their cognitive abilities and developing their logical and analytical thinking. Academy is dedicated to imparting knowledge and enhancing the understanding of letters and numbers in a fun, engaging way that aligns with each child's individual interests, age, and current level of knowledge.


  • Engaging and interactive approach to education
  • Recognized and rewarded for childs achievements
  • A vast array of learning opportunities to suit child unique needs and interests
  • Cutting-edge technology that adapts to childs learning style and helps childs achieve your full potential.
BrainHunters Academy

Commercial Project

ArgoPrep School & Family Platform

With over 500 Math & ELA video lessons, 10,000+ practice quizzes & drills, and thousands of printable worksheets, ArgoPrep School & Family provides unbeatable resources for educators and students alike. ArgoPrep School & Family has everything you need to ensure your students succeed. Our platform is designed to make creating classrooms and building assignments a breeze. You'll be able to monitor your students progress and see if they've completed their work in no time.


  • Video lectures
  • Practices questions
  • Printable worksheets
  • Interactive books
  • Invites to created classes
  • Classrooms for personal students
  • Assignments
  • Reports from homeworks

Volunteer & Social Project

Alarm Map Online

Volunteer and social site where a team of volunteers do their best to help people suffering from the consequences of threats and unforeseen events. Users can monitor threats of missile strikes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, riots, artillery shelling and other incidents in real time, as well as find opportunities to volunteer and help those affected.


  • Real-time display of various incidents.
  • History of emerging incidents.
  • View emerging incidents on the map for a specific time.
Alarm Map Online

Commercial Project

ArgoPrep Education Platform

Enhance your child's performance in Math and English Language Arts with our acclaimed program for Kindergarten to 8th grade. Join the community of over 500,000 teachers, parents, and students who trust ArgoPrep.


  • Video tutorials for printed books.
  • Assessment approach with range of miscellaneous exams.
  • Engagement and learning outcomes with varied collection of assignments spanning different subjects and levels.
  • Interactive learning with innovative books.
  • Access books anytime, anywhere with convenient e-books.
  • Child's learning journey with tailored parental control and educational tasks.
ArgoPrep Education